This year’s line-up of speakers are from the UK, Australia and New Zealand. 

The festival includes two light-hearted public talks, featuring cheesemonger, Calum Hodgson on the Sunday & cheesemaker Biddy Fraser-Davies on the Monday.

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John King.jpg

John King

John lives in Christchurch. He travels all over NZ to talk/teach groups and individuals to manage their lives & businesses holistically. He writes about holistic farming & how such beliefs challenge conventional farming business & resource management.

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Nick Haddow

Nick is a lively fellow and the first raw cheese maker registered in Australia. He is currently setting up a farm in Tasmania, funded by public subscripton, where old cow breeds, such as Swiss Brown and Australian Dairy Shorthorn cows can be milked for their cheese making potential. 

Colleen Dennison Evansdale Cheese.jpg

Colleen Dennison

Colleen is a founding member, many years ago, of Evansdale cheese in Dunedin, a business that has grown from a single family Jersey house cow in 1978 to a household name in cheese production. Today they process 1500 litres of milk a day to make "a little taste of perfection" with between 20-30 different varieties of cheese. It is still owned by the same family.

Calum Hodgson.jpg

Calum Hodgson 

Calum aka 'Curd Nerd', was a former cheesemonger at Neal’s Yard Dairy in London. He has been involved in many areas of the NZ cheese world.  Currently he is working for Sabato, in Auckland.




Gabrielle Kervella

In January 2008, Gabrielle stopped goat cheesemaking in Australia after 30 years and theoretically "retired" to Golden Bay, but yes, she's cheese making again...

Gill Palmer .jpg

Gill Palmer

Gill is the principal consultant of Palmer and Randall Ltd and she is a cheese auditor. She has specialist knowledge of HACCP as applied to cheese auditing. she is also on the technical committee of the UK Specialist Cheesemakers Association. This is her first visit to New Zealand. 


Elizabeth Fraser-Davies (Biddy)

Biddy is the owner of Cwmglyn Farmhouse Raw Cheese, who have won various awards for their cheese, such as a Super Gold Award at the 2014 World Cheese Awards. All the Cheeses made at Cwmglyn Farmhouse Raw Cheese are made from MPI approved raw milk. 


Doug Edmeades

Sadly, Doug has just been admitted to hospital & will  be unable to take part in the festival. We wish Doug all the best with his treatment.

Doug a soil and agricultural scientist who today his focus is to bring to the NZ farmer independent, objective,
science-based solutions in the area of fertilisers, soil fertility and pasture nutrition. He believes that the voice of science must be asserted against pseudo-science that pervades society.     


Craig Prichard

Craig is associate Professor of Management at Massey University and has a special interest in the breeding of dairy sheep in New Zealand.


Paul Neaves.jpg

Dr Paul Neaves

Paul is a UK dairy microbiologist with a special interest in raw cheese manufacture from Artisan cheesemakers. He is chair of the UK specialist cheesemakers association technical committee & a Fellow of the UK Institute of Food Science & technology and he has vast experience in sorting out cheese related problems.


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